heavy explananations needed (BST)

I'm taking an intro to C++ class and this is our third assignment. I have never seen or heard of 75% of the words used in this assignment. I have no idea what I'm even asked to do. If anyone can help me at least understand what I must do; then maybe provide a basic outline of what needs to be done, I would truly appreciate it. I was told to pay special attention to identical student names with different unique IDs... whatever that means...

Implement the functions to insert and remove nodes in a Binary Search Tree (BST). Each node carries a student
record (ID and name). Each node also has a left child, a right child and a parent, each maintained in the node
class as a pointer. The BST has a root node, whose parent pointer is NULL. Nodes in the BST have the
following properties:
1. Each node has a different ID (no two students can have the same ID, but names may be same).
2. The left child of a node has ID less than the ID of the node.
3. The right child of a node has ID greater than the ID of the node.
4. Each node has at most two children (a node with no children is a leaf node).
5. Each node has one parent, with the exception of root node, which has no parent.

What is a node? a parent? a child? a root? a NULL? What does the program do?

Thank you!!
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