An IDE for C++

I want a reliable IDE preferably lightweight which I can use for C++ coding on Ubuntu. I can't figure out what the hell cloud9 does. It opens in a browser and I don't know how to get it to run on my local machine. i can't figure out qt creator either. and i don't want to use eclipse.
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this belongs in the lounge. qt creator isnt an ide. it makes windows. geany is a good one. so is anjuta. i personally like to use my own collection of mismatched tools (but i do use the dart editor for my dart/html/css code)
Code::Blocks is a nice one.
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^forgot about that. yeah if i ever dev on windows i use that
DTSCode wrote:
qt creator isnt an ide.
Yes it is.
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huh weird... i use it and it doesnt seem like an ide to me... maybe i just havent used it extensively enough.

> this belongs in the lounge.
Lounge: Discussions about this website, or other topics not related to C++ programming
General C++ Programming: Anything about programming in C++
I think that `general' is more appropriate.
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an ide is related to c++ programming in the same way gravel is related to a car. you wouldnt talk about gravel when your talking about a car, because it only happens to interact with the car. an ide isnt a part of c++ programming. it is a way to make programming in general easier, but one could just as easily use a text editor. what it is written on is irrelevant when talking about code. same with make. the only thing would be compilers, since it could affect your code. but lets just say i agree with you. then in the general part, we could talk about the dart editor, or IDLE or my no name brainfuck ide
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