Making a program using C++

I am looking to make a program for C++ that has a GUI other than command prompt. The program I am trying to create will ask certain questions and display the results at the end after all questions are asked and have 2 copies of the results one over the other that can be printed as a receipt. Basically I am wondering can I do this using C++. Also I want another GUI other than command prompt as well. Something close to what windows uses if possible.
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that has a GUI other than command prompt.

command prompt is not a gui. its a ui. and yes you can do it in c++. sfml is a popular choice.

Something close to what windows uses if possible.

that makes no sense. please rephrase
Never mind sorry I was lost in thought when I typed that. Thanks for the info. I have just started with C++ and taken a class on it but we have just been using basic programs with command prompt so I am unsure of how to incorporate GUIs in C++
Well you could learn the target operating system's API, but if you want to make your program cross platform, use a cross platform windowing library.
Either use the windows API as described on the MSDN, which is rather cumbersome imho, or go for an established and well working GUI solution such as Qt (or find "Qt alternatives" with the help of your favourite web search engine). There are even GUIs for the GUI system that allow you to set up your windows in a wysiwyg environment. Whatever you choose, it will take many hours of reading, trying and learning.
Most GUI systems let you choose the "look&feel" to be either "native" (the Win style when you work with Win) or a style that is specific to the GUI solution.
For some beginners, using C++ to display GUIs and graphics can result in a lot of problems because they lack the firm understanding of the language needed for more complex code.

That being said, you can use the windows API, which would be hard since it would require a lot of code. Google "C++ windows gui example". You can also use 2D graphics libraries to display images of buttons and have events that capture when you click a button, so that the desired result is obtained.

SFML and Qt, as stated above, are great libraries for this.
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