Urgent help..! Cannot put to work functions

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Please use code tags (first button in the Format box next to where you enter the text). It will make your posting more readable.
I noticed that your function definitions do not match function implementations. For example you define float getPayment(); but you implement float getPayment(float balance,float APRCharge). If your function takes two float arguments, it has to be described as such in the definition float getPayment(float,float);
Start from there, and post any error messages that you get
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I don't see how this code can even compile. Inside your getAPRCharge function, you're attempting to use something called balance, but I don't see a definition for that.

In your original unformatted post, getAPRCharge took an argument called balance. Did you remove that by mistake?

EDIT: Also, your code would be much easier for both you and us to understand, if you used a sensible indentation style.
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Your definition should be float getAPRCharge(float);, with the implementation as in your first posting.
When you say it's not compiling, please post the error message. In fact, I am almost sure that your error message tells you what is wrong in your code.
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Your getAPRCharge should depend on the balance
Line 7 float getAPRCharge(float);
Line 18 APRCharge = getAPRCharge(balance);
Line 31 to 36
float  getAPRCharge(float balance)
   return balance*0.15/12.;
To the OP: why did you delete all your posts in this thread?

Doing this ruins the value of the thread as something other people can learn from.
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