I am facing an issue with one variable.

Pls look the below piece of code.

pdata0->u.msmlRequest->u.dialogstart->target.value = (const OSUTF8CHAR*) "conn:[$toTAG]";
plist->append (pdata0, TRUE);
msmlEncReturn = pdu.encode();
msgptr = buffer.getMsgPtr();
return ((std::string)(char*)msgptr);

target.value and of type const unsigned char*.
buffer is of type OSXMLEncodeBuffer.
pdu is the pdu designated while xml binding using xbinder.

Problem:- If I set the target value as shown above everything works fine. At last I can it returns the proper payload.

But when I set it using a variable say C string variable.

pdata0->u.msmlRequest->u.dialogstart->target.value = (const OSUTF8CHAR*) msmlTarget;

This sets the target value. I can get that value printed. but it does not return the proper payload. Instead it returns the junk value!!!

Can anyone help me here?

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make sure that you do not return a pointer to a temporary object.
Thanks for the reply! The behaviour remained same even without returning anything.
You didn't provide enough code to tell what's wrong.

But if msmlTarget is a local variable then you must not use it outside the function/scope where it's defined.
Its fixed now. The issue was in type of "target" variable.
It accepts only the string starts from "conn:" or "conf:".
Hence failing for test strings...! It must have been defined in the underneath (xsd generated) code.
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