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You are given a task to write a computer program for a Coffee Shop. Following is the table containing the list of product that you sell. Please be informed that all sales must include Sales Tax of 5%. For example if the customer orders one coffee with ice and creamer the total price is

Total Price = (1 * $1.50 + $0.30 + $0.50) * 1.05 = $2.42.

Your program must get the order from the customer and calculate the Total Price of his/her order. Customer can order multiple products at one time and your program must calculate the Total Price for all his/her order.

product (coffee):pase price:1.50$ /add ice :0.30$/ Add Creamer:0.50$/Ice Blended (ice is included):1.20$

For all sales, there is a sales tax of 5%

For this project you have to do the following two tasks.

1. Draw Flowchart diagram (40 marks)

2. Write a console program using C++ programming language. (60 marks)
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Can we see what code you have so far? This is not a forum for getting answers to your homework... It is a forum for help with specific issues you are having.
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