Aghh..need to roll back but can't find the option

Hey anyone
I cannot find my mistake, so I just need to roll back my project in Visual Studio 2012 to what it was when I first opened it. I can't find where the option to roll back is, or is there one? I sure hope so.
There is no such option, you should have been using a versioning system like git if you wanted that.

If you never closed any of the files, you could go to each one and hold down Ctrl+Z for a while.
I did that for every file but it didn't work. I finally figured it out but I sure wish VS had a roll back version. I will be more careful next time. (Where I was looking for a semi-colon or something mundane like that out of place, it didn't like a header file I had included in one of the class definitions)
Thanks for replying.
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