C++ help please

I am in a computer science class in college as a GenEd class because I thought it looked fun, little did I know that I am not good with computers at all and I am really struggling on the last two assignments. Could someone please help me with these programs so I can maintain a good GPA.

Program 1:

Given a list of 11 integers; 1,2,3,3,3,2,2,1,3,4,5
Determine the “median” value of the array (again median is a proper statistical term for the “middle” value)
Notes: This program should use arrays and pointers

Program 2:

Write a program which:
-Given the following time structure for Information Technology tasks:
Action Frequency

MIS Ops. Reports 0800, 1200, 1800

Database Checkpoint Every 4 hours stating at 0400

Data Whouse Extract 0800, 2100

Home Office Upload 1100, 2000

The program should:
- Display an hourly table indicating what system administration actions to take at any give hour
- Suggestion - Use a counter variable “clock” to process through a 24 hour day

Both programs are made with basic C++ skills. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
We're not going to write your code for you. Have a think about how to solve these problems logically, and then try and write some code to implement that logic. If you get stuck on anything specific, then we can help.
Start here: Determine the steps you would have to do if it was on paper and you had to show all your work.

These 2 programs are projects 7 and 8. I have done all the other programs perfect because they were right in the book. These 2 programs are not in the book at all and I have no clue how to even attempt them. I am majoring in PT which is in the health field and I took this class because I thought I could do it but it is clear now that I really cannot.
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How fair to want to keep a good GPA but not willing to do the work to maintain it just because programming didn't turn out as good as you'd hoped.
Go to youtube and watch buckys c++ tutorials, that'll give you a start on writing these codes.
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