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Hello, I'm a freshman I'm college and finals are next week. I kind of understand c++ but when it comes to homework, I freak out and always get the program to give me millions of error messages. I have a couple of homework assignments (programs) past due and I'm honestly desperate right now for a tutor. Somebody that could help me do my programs. I can't fail this course, I honestly really need some help.
email me and
we can talk about
your assignments.

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I freak out and always get the program to give me millions of error messages.
congrats. welcome to programming. happens to the best of it (damn seg faults... my memory management is just fine...) but anyways, if you have any questions there is usually someone up on this site and most of the people here are smart enough to answer it (well at the very least we have gotten very good at answering beginner level questions). if that is still not enough however, there was a beginners skype group floating out there. idk if its still around but if it is Captain Blast XD would know
If you honestly want to learn something, you'd better keep on writing code yourself. Other's "help" will not help you to learn anything. Programming is a thing which could be learned but could not be taught.

Lay your hands on some decent book, like this:


and start working thoroughly. Perhaps my collection of beginner's exercises will help:

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what are you talking about? one of the main ways i learn now is by others help. its not even me asking the question. through monitoring other peoples posts i learned about iomanip, meta template programming, and assembly inline with c++. and what do you mean it can be learned but not taught? people teach this at universities. i taught my friend c++. i taught another guy at school html.
Some sample programs to start learning C++.
Rodiongork, that's just wrong. You can teach programming. The real issue is that it isn't enough to simply know, you have to practice a lot. Programming is like math, it just requires a different logic. You can't memorize, you can't dumb your way through, though. You have to understand, which is why you have to practice. If you don't practice, you forget.

It helps if you actually like to program though, because it makes programming as a hobby or for entertainment part of your practice. ;)
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