#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
void main()
double *p,*q,*m,x1,x2;
void sumpo(double*, double*, double*);
cout << "Enter the doubles";
cin >> x1 >> x2;
sumpo( &p, &q, &m);
cout << *p << *q << *m;
void sumpo( double* ptr_p, double* ptr_q, double* ptr_m)
*ptr_m=*ptr_p +*ptr_q;
Any wrong with the program?Thank you
firstly it does not compile.
have you tried to compile it yourself?

secondly this:
void sumpo(double*, double*, double*);

you should not put function declarations inside your main function.

and can you use code tags please? :)

edit: you also have not initialised m..
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As I said before you must use int main(); not void main();
1#include <iostream>
3using namespace std;
4int main()
6 double *p,*q,*m,x1,x2,sum;
7 void sumpo(double *, double *, double *);
8 p=&x1;
9 q=&x2;
10 m=&sum;
11 cout << "Enter the doubles";
12 cin >> x1 >> x2;
13 sumpo( &p, &q, &m);
14 cout << *p << *q << *m;
15 _getch();
17void sumpo( double* ptr_p, double* ptr_q, double* ptr_m)
19 *ptr_m=*ptr_p +*ptr_q;
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sorry,i forget to initiate m.But my program still cannot run.
read my post again.

and read mats post again.
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