I want to do an calculator, like "calc.exe", in Windows (I'l use Qt, graphics), but I have problems to understand infix (Shunting Yard) and posfix (RPN) codes. This is not a real question, but can someone explain to me how these things works? If you could show me the C++ version, I'll be happier.

There isn't much to say except google it. You'll find plenty of reading, plus some videos to boot. Here's a pretty simple explanation to get started with:

Wikipedia also has a very good, thorough overview:

Disclaimer: I've only peeked at your reference thread, and you have some work to do. Good luck!
Do you have any source example?
At this point it is difficult not to be rude.

How do you expect to finish your project if you cannot click on links already copy-pasted for you?
Duoas, sorry, but I have searched all the page. I saw an "PSEUDOCODE" in both, but I don't knoe how to scan the stack, until it get on the end. The other things I've understanded. Do you have an C++ SOURCE?
Thank you.
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