C++ Game Scripting


I have a few questions about using scripts in my game engine.

My first question is about pointers and whatnot. I prefer to handle all of the "larger" objects (meshes, textures, some in game objs, etc.) in my game using pointers. This way I have full control on when objects are created and deleted. I have tried a few scripting languages, like lua and python. Those languages seem to have their own garbage collection. Is it possible to use a scripting language and still have full control over your objects like you do in C++?

I think that I've decided on Lua. (Python was a pain to get working, and I don't enjoy it as a language.) However, I am still open to suggestions. What languages do you prefer?

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Lua is very popular for game scripts, so I don't see how you can really go too wrong by opting for Lua. Anything anyone posts here saying x is better than Lua or y is better than x will all be down to personal preference or opinions.
You can use Lua with C++ through Lua's C API. Same thing with Python. The underling code is C++ but you would just be creating links to your program. In Lua I think you can pass raw C pointers but it might be dangerous as you might loss some of the structure of the data type of you pointer
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