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Your program must be able to process this kind of files and insert it into a circular singly linked list . After reading this file, it must be able to sort the list according to surnames. After that operation, program asks for the user input to enter the start and end user surnames and it will print the persons in the list whose surname is within that user input (inclusive). Below is the pseudo code ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read ContactsDatabase.txt file to a circular singly linked list Do a sort operation on that list (using surnames)
While (TRUE): Ask from user the start-surname Ask from user the end-surname Print all the contact info in the list from start- to end-surnames -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Whole application can be implemented with console facilities(ie you do not need advanced GUI elements). The project consists of two parts.
A. Implementation of a circular singly linked list class of “contacts” with following operations : add to head, remove from head, add to tail, remove from tail, sort , and print from given start-surname to end-surname. This will be a proper C++ class. You must be able to create many instances of this class. (Please use no third party libraries including C++ STL, Boost etc. )
B. The main program itself. The program must create a circular linked list instance, put new data into it from a text file, sort it and print the info within the range defined by user input
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