Create A Scrollbar In Dev c++ (Urgent)

Could anyone link me the site to get the codeing to make a scroll bar , thanks.
or u can drop ur code down here in the reply :D
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Not enough details.

Are you trying to make a GUI application, is this going to be something in a game, do you want it to be cross platform? Hard to recommend libraries/how to make it yourself without knowing some more things.
i am making a normal program in dev c++
its just cpp program
i want to just display a scroll bar and let the user scroll through the program
Really you should add more detail than this...

normal program

You mean you are creating a console application? If you are creating a console application, it already has a scrollbar? lol

a source file i am making
i knw it has a scroll in it
and is displayed in the window
but i want to make a graphic one in the output screen
This is an entirely different thing that what you have been doing so far. You will need to create a graphical, rather than console, application. You will also be well served to get yourself a decent graphical library to make your scroll bar. A couple of good suggestions would be QT and WxWidgets. Either way, it's going to be a long hard road for you to do this as you move from the world of console into the world of graphics.

Edit: Also, Dev CPP is kinda outdated... I would definitely recommend changing to another IDE and compiler (assuming you're using the one that comes with Dev CPP).
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