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I have decided to look at developing games for android phones. i am looking for a game engine that is free to use. and i would like to be able to release it commercially without any extra cost (and without releasing source code).

here is some that i have found that i may use:

please say any others you think of.

Thank you in advance
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there is an sdl release for android on source forge
i tried learning sdl but just couldn't.

sfml however i didn't have a problem with
For C++, Cocos 2d-x.

It's cross-platform as well.

You could also take up Java. It's pretty simple to make games with the native functionality that's on offer.
what do you say about the other ones i found
What can we say; most of us probably have not used them. Try them out; choose the one that fits you best, and start creating games for android. If you feel like engine is not what you were looking for, the just abandon it and get another; no hard feelings, eh?:)
i know but i assumed that some of the people on this forum would have used android libraries
I don't know how to get Cocos 2d-x to work.

i had a look and apparently it only works on visual studios which i don't want to use.

is there an IDE made for Cocos2d-x
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ok let me put it this way i am looking for a game engine or graphics library that uses C++ for the majority of it that can produce games for android and IOS. I want it to cost little or not at all to use commercially and has a user friendly IDE

I use Windows 7
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- Qt - mobile

Works for both android and IOS and supports writing code in c++ (win, win, win++)
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I'm looking into the Qt-mobile and i am also looking at Shiva3d it is usable as a 2d game engine.

but it costs to use commercially.

i however don't have the slightest idea how to use Qt to make a game
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