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I am a little unsure of how to phrase this, but I am trying to figure out the best way forward. Up to this point, most of my knowledge of C++ has come from the tutorial on this site http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/, (specifically a pdf version of that tutorial that I cant find at the moment for some reason). I have a fairly good understanding of the C++ language basics, as well as some of the more complex stuff like templates, polymorphism, & all of that fun stuff. I also have a decent enough understanding of parts of the standard library such as containers, math.h, time.h, etc.

While this has been very useful in allowing me to use C++ in many fairly complex & useful ways, I am now finding that my understanding of certain areas is behind in areas like RAII, and a few of the newer C++11 features like anonymous functions. Are there any tutorials that I can read through on aspects of C++ like this, and could it possibly be added to the tutorials section on this site?
i don't know of tutorials for C++11 or RAID. However i would recommend that you start getting into GUI programming.

there are several graphics libraries for c++.

SDL: http://www.libsdl.org/
SFML: http://www.sfml-dev.org/‎
Qt: http://qt-project.org/

and more.

i would recommend looking at those ones.
I am now finding that my understanding of certain areas is behind in areas like RAII


As for C++11 features, I suggest visiting


and checking out the pdf slides. Google for specifics.
There's comes a point where you gotta stop doing only tutorials, and actually go write something.

You can join in on the Chess++ community project :) https://github.com/cpluspluscom/ChessPlusPlus

We're using C++11 pretty heavily. Pretty much always have people in the IRC channel for the project to answer whatever questions you might have.
Thanks for the links, will read.

I am learning GUI programming, currently working on SFML, and Qt (eventually). I also learned Win32 for some strange reason...

Thanks for the info ResidentBiscuit. I might take a look at the project, although the game of Chess itself bores me to death ;). My issue is mostly that I think the tutorials base should try to cover things that many developers consider to be essential (like smart pointers & RAII). It doesnt make sense to teach beginners one way of doing things, then insist they change it later on.

Thanks for the help!
BruceJohnJennerLawso wrote:
It doesnt make sense to teach beginners one way of doing things, then insist they change it later on.
Unfortunately this is what happens to people who get taught by college professors who haven't been in the industry for decades and then the students get dumped decades into the future, aka the current industry standards.
If I were you my next step would be to try and implement interesting APIs. To get your interest: Do you have a single core processor..? No, well ever parallelized anything yet?
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@L B

Yeah, so I would like to see it changed! Is there a way that we can submit suggestions/requests for this sort of thing to whoever can effect changes to the tutorials?


I am already working on one project:



and I have a few other things on the go, but sadly not much to show for it yet.

I'm not sure whether my processor is multi-core, I'll have to check. I assume you refer to multithreaded applications?
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