Data Structures help!

I have CS degree months ago. I'm good in c++, c#...I took data structures class and got A- for that class, but I have problem with data structures in real world(I meant coding, implementation...), therefore, I started learning coding(just started a week ago), but I real need a JOB now. Is it ok to find a job(programmer job: c++, c#...) and learning coding(data structures) later? I dont' have any friend working on IT therefore I don't know. Thank you very much!
you have learnt it
Why worry ?

What are the problems with data structures in real world ?

I learn programming since middle school
I am graduating high school in a few months
I learn data structure to some point ( around "B tree" )
I've learnt by myself for 5 years now
I doubt am as good as a cs graduate since I learn by myself

But I tried doing real world things
for most part I don't think it needs a very efficient data structure since the number of data process isn't that big in my small projects
and sometimes I can just use a library to do some complex things

For jobs...
I don't think you should think too much ?
I mean if a company accepts you, that means they know you are good enough for them, aren't they ?
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