I need some help please

Write a program that asks the user to enter a student’s grades on four exams.The
program should display the four grades and the average of the four grades,round-
ed to the nearest tenth. To add the grades, use a variable called total_grade,
which you should initialize to zero.As the program prompts for and obtains each
grade,add the grade to total_grade using the += operator.
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What have you written so far?

Also, why is this in the windows-specific section? It should be in the beginners' section. Click "Edit Topic" at the top and move it there.

Also, it's against the rules to have the word "help" in your topic title, but it's only a misdemeanor.
I didn't know I am dong this for school work.
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On these forums, we don't provide code that you can copy, paste, and turn in - there is such a thing as plagiarism for code. All we ask is that you give us your best attempt at writing a program until you get stuck, then you show us what you have and explain how you are stuck. Then, we can help you get unstuck.
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