Compilers for Qt Creator?

Link please? I downloaded it last night and this morning b4 school I tried to use it and it said: "Error: No compilers found", even though I have a compiler for Code::Blocks (C++). Can you guys send me links to make it easier for me to find one?

Qt creator is really just an IDE which is text-editor with some additions such as auto-code generation for a Widget GUI, but no compiler. You need to point it to an installed compiler.

Go to "Tools" > Options > Build & Run > Tool Chains > Add.

Then select the compiler you use in Code::Blocks (could be MinGW, GCC, MSVC, etc). You need to provide the path to the compiler's executable.

Note that Code::Blocks is also an IDE, which means that the compiler is also independent of Code::Blocks.

Edit: I'm in Qt Creator 2.5 (Qt 4.8). It might look different to you.

If that doesn't work, ensure that you do a call for qmake in your project settings. In "Projects" choose your project, select "Targets" then in "Build Steps" expand "qmake" and edit this line to include your desired compiler. Mine looks like this (as an example for linux-g++ compilers):
qmake-qt4 /home/stew/SVN/Qtest/ -r -spec linux-g++
The next step shouldn't really change. Qmake created a makefile for your compiler. Now you just have to invoke the compiler to build:
My next line looks like this:
make -w in /home/stew/SVN/Qtest/Release
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Well, I am to the point where you said add path. What do you mean by that? Like, I am in the MinGW folder and it has bin, doc, include, lib, libexec, mingw32, share, and a bunch of text files. What do i do from there?
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