C++ plz help.

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Hey guys I am really lost on how to do this problem. Plz give me some inputs.

The program must evaluate the truth value of the conjunction, disjunction, and implication of
each value row. For each logical operator, P is the argument to the left of the operator and Q is to
the right. For conjunction: P ^ Q, disjunction: P _ Q, and implication: P ! Q.
Example prog2 input.txt
For each value row the program must output a corresponding row, in the following format:
P and Q:<T or F> ntP or Q:<T or F> ntP --> Q:<T or F> For the example input given above
the output is found below.
Example prog2 output.txt
P and Q : T P or Q : T P --> Q : T
P and Q : F P or Q : T P --> Q : F
P and Q : F P or Q : F P --> Q : T
This is what I did so far
# include<iostream>
using namespace std;

bool charTobool (char c)
switch (c)
case 'T':
return true;
case 'F':
return false;
return false;
int main()
fstream ifile("prog2_input.txt");
char p,q;

//process value rows
while(! ifile.eof())
if (ifile>>p>>q);
bool left= charTobool (p);
bool right = charTobool (q);
if(p=='T' && q =='T' )
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