Making games with C++

Hi. If you were to make games with C++, how would you go about doing that?
I saw something called allegro, but i dont know.
Is there any good alternatives like uniy3d for C#/JavaScript ?

Don't use allegro.

I'd go for a library like SFML and SDL. SFML is OOP and has many features, but SDL is (more) crossplatform.

Make sure you use the latest versions and not old ones. (2.1 for SFML and 2.0 for SDL).

Pick any tutorial and follow it. Ask any questions you have here.

If you're feeling like you mastered either libs, Look into OpenGL/DirectX. SDL and SFML can be used as windowing APIs for OpenGL.

A discussion is taking place in this topic for OpenGL vs DirectX. I'd follow it if I were you.
I use SFML and its D*MN easy. Its really well documented, and very extensible. My favorite part is that the documentation for installing/compiling is so complete it will blow your mind. There is no trying 30 times to get something to compile with it. SDL is a little more difficult. If you want out of the box, sfml. SFML supports WIndows/Mac/Linux, SDL supports all the things.
I cannot disagree more. Both SDL and SFML out of the box are useable.
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