Difficulty Deciding

I have enough money to buy a book that ill need know but I cant decide, I want to make a 2d game that will eventually be commercial but I dont know if I should get SFML game development or Beginning game programing using directx. There are a good amount of books using directx and I am assuming most commercial 2d games use it but I cant decide. Suggestions?
Well DirectX would be pretty much overkill for that. It'd be best to just get the SFML book.
Just wondering how would it be overkill? Almost all the 2d development books I have seen for C++ use it.
And a little info on the game its not going to be small, I mean maybe at first but I plan to hav the updating scheme of starbound and minecraft, just get bigger over time
It's just really unnecessary. It's better to just use an abstraction library or a Game Engine and build your game there. It saves you from having to reinvent the wheel.

Plus, it's pretty much a recompile to let it run on other platforms (greatly eases porting).
ok thanks for the advice, I understand what your saying im ordering SFML game development off of amazon now.
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