Wifi router options via C++

just a simple question. Is there a way to access the router settings via c++? My friend wanted me to write something that would turn off wifi broadcasting on his router when pressing the button in the program.
The only way I can think about is to connect to the router via .net framework and then use reverse engineering (on the router settings site) to find a way how to simulate change of option via POST or GET method.
Is there any other better way?

PS: Or maybe to turn off the whole router would be ok too. Any suggestions how to do that?
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It depends on the router.

But yes, you'd start by doing a network trace on a good conversation and replicating that in your system of choice.
Thanks for the fast reply.
I would love to see some code of this if you guys have a bit of source. Very curious as to how this works.
I would use WebRequest() from .net, look for it on MSDN help.
It's not problem to login, but then you have to know what to send to the router. I am not sure how to recognize that. Never did reverse engineering before.
Maybe I will experiment a bit with Firebug.
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So I am back with a solution.
I found most of the resources in c# so I used that. It is really simple using .net. In this example I want to change my SSID name. Here is the code:

static void turnOff()
var request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create("");

request.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("name", "pass");

var response = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse();

I had to examine how does the router options page send data after saving the changes.
Used browser plugin called Firebug. I found that it uses GET method to post the parameters which can be written like a link with some additional info.
In our case like this:
So this is all I need. Then just use simple .net functions for connecting to the router and send this link with the parameters I wanna change.

I guess there are many ways to avoid using .net especially in c++ but this is simple and fast.
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