Best C++ GUI library for beginner?

I'm a relative beginner to C++, I just started learning about 1 month ago. But I'm really optimistic I could go far with it, it's my first programming language and it's been really exciting and stuff to learn how it worlds and stuff. But I've done only little console stuff so far, and I want to learn a GUI library other than win32 and winAPI. WHat do you guys recommend?
quick question how far into C++ have you gotten?
Make sure you know the basics like classes, structures, functions, variable types, etc. But the one I use (and recommend) is SDL.
SDL = 2d graphics library with 3d opengl support written in C

SFML = 2d graphics library with 3d opengl support written in C++

Allegro = 2d graphics library with limited 3d support written in C

I would personally recommend SFML as when i was looking into 2d i tried SDL but encountered many problems and found it difficult. however when i looked into SFML i picked it up relatively easily. (although it may be due to the fact that i learnt from a video (CodingMadeEasy's sfml 2.0 tutorials) for SFML)
You should try out the QT libraries. They are quite intuitive as their IDE, named Qtcreator.
+1 to QT
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