Make C++ program into exe?

How do i make my program into a application?
cpp source files get compiled into intermediate object files (typically .o or .obj depending on your compiler).

object files get linked into an executable (.exe)

So the answer to your question is.. "compile and link your code".

How you do this depends on what tools you're using. In most IDEs, this is as easy as selecting the "Build" option in the menu.
I find the way i wanted to do which was go to build at the top bar, then build solution. Which makes into (.exe)

But i got problem, i delete my code accidentally. Leaving with only .exe. How I compile exe, so i can have my code back?

I didn't finish my program, i was just trying to know how it's done.
I have bad news. decompiling an exe into c++ source code is almost impossible. i have heard of this decompiler but i haven't used it. i hope it can help.
@ Cronnoc: *Cringe* it's called Hex-rays buddy, or more specifically:

You are hands down correct to a point but beyond that point the border between impossible and possible feels like a brick sitting on top of your head, (psst its called writers block if you didn't know yet, which is something I would be dead jealous of).
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