Help with a fizz buzz program?

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Hey everyone! So i'm trying to make a fizz buzz program that looks like this:

You have two items, a FIZZ and a BUZZ. Each item has a value and a weight.
In addition, you have a bag that can carry a certain maximum weight. You are
interested in packing the maximum possible value you can (in the best case you
can carry both FIZZ and BUZZ). Write a function called fizzbuzz that accepts
as parameters:
• the value and weight of FIZZ
• the value and weight of BUZZ
• the maximum weight that the bag can carry
and returns the maximum value that your bag can carry.
In the main function, ask the user to input all values and weights needed, call
the function fizzbuzz and output:
• NONE: if the function returns 0
• FIZZ: if the function returns the value of FIZZ
• BUZZ: if the function returns the value of BUZZ
• FIZZBUZZ: if the function returns the sum of the values of FIZZ and

Im fairly new to programming and i was hoping anyone here could help me out in someway as to how i would begin something like this? I understand i am supposed to use something like maxIntegerValue in the program and i should first increment the weight and height of the fizz/buzz but i cant map out what that would look like. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
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Anyone who uses the code above will fail the course for which you are attempting it (you know who you are, hunter students) . This is to show that plagarisim in my class will not be tolerated. - Saad.
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