Multi-threading using boost::thread

I'm currently trying to log real-time data by using boost::thread and a check box. When I check the box, the logging thread starts. When I uncheck, the logging thread stops. The problem arises when I check/uncheck repeatedly and very fast (program crashes, some files aren't logged, etc.). How can I write a reliable thread-safe program where these problems don't occur when repeatedly and quickly checking/unchecking? I also don't want to use join() since this temporarily stops the data input coming from the main thread. In the secondary thread, I'm opening a log file, reading from a socket into a buffer, copying this into another buffer, and then writing this buffer to a log file. I'm thinking that maybe I should use mutex locks for reading/writing. If so, what specific locks should I use? Below is a code snippet:

//Main thread
if(m_loggingCheckBox->isChecked()) {


if(m_ThreadLogData.InitializeReadThread(socketInfo))//opens the socket.
//If socket is opened and can be read, start thread.
std::cout << "Did not initialize thread\n";
else if(!m_loggingCheckBox->isChecked())



void ThreadLogData::StartReadThread()
//std::cout << "Thread started." << std::endl;
m_stopLogThread = false;
m_threadSendData = boost::thread(&ThreadLogData::LogData,this);

void ThreadLogData::StopReadThread()
m_stopLogThread = true;
m_ReadDataSocket.close_socket(); // close the socket

ofstreamLogFile.flush(); //flush the log file before closing it.
ofstreamLogFile.close(); // close the log file
m_threadSendData.interrupt(); // interrupt the thread
//m_threadSendData.join(); // join the thread. Commented out since this
temporarily stops data input.


//secondary thread
bool ThreadLogData::LogData()

unsigned short int buffer[1024];
bool bufferflag;
unsigned int iSizeOfBuffer = 1024;
int iSizeOfBufferRead = 0;
int lTimeout = 5;

{, ios::out);

return 0;

try {
int ret = m_ReadDataSocket.read_sock(&m_msgBuffer.m_buffer

bufferflag = m_Buffer.setBuffer(buffer);
if(!bufferflag) return false;
object = &m_Buffer;

unsigned int data = object->getData();

ofstreamLogFile << data << std::endl;


} catch (boost::thread_interrupted& interruption) {
std::cout << "ThreadLogData::LogData(): Caught Interruption thread." << std::endl;
} catch (...) {
std::cout << "ThreadLogData::LogData(): Caught Something." << std::endl;

} // end while()


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looks like you're using serveral variables across multiple threads (like sockets and stream).

You need to ensure that those variables are protected (usint mutexes) when doing something (like open/close/write/read) with this shared variable.

Otherwise it will indeed crash
Boost ASIO actually has a built-in threading pool for it's resource objects. They've also introduced mutex-free safe threading using something they call a "strand". I would look into it ;)
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