Client/Server or Serverless App?

Hi everyone, my brother runs a loan shark business and he has asked me to create software for him to efficiently run his business. Basically the software is suppose to keep records of all the clients who have borrowed money and payment due date. My problem is making a decision between a Client/Server implementation and a serverless app. Which architecture would you choose to develop this app in and why?
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Well, a Client/Server solution is to connect two or more Computers which increases the severity.
It's essential to know what Client/Server is in order to develop it.

So I suggest that you trying to implement the single computer solution. That should suffice for a rather simple problem like this.
Often this is done using a database, but with a small amount of clients files may suffice as well
thank you coder777 for your response. Advise taken. I am using SQLite as my database, do you reckon its a good chose for this problem.
Yes, it is actually file based.

Only if you observe some speed issues you might want change to MySQL or something.
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