Failed to run msword automation in windows xp

I have developed the msword automation using the following link

and using VC++ in Visual studio 2010,and msoffice 2007.
Its working fine. but the exe can not run in windows xp (same msoffice 2007 and installation folder also same). i do not know what is the problem. plz tell about how compactability in both os and different version of office like 2003,2007,2010, etc
The .NET version might be the problem
using xp might be a problem after the 8th April...
coder777 i am not install .net in windows xp but mfc100.dll error occur to open exe. but i copy the mfc100.dll from wondows 7 and paste to windows xp. then opened the exe when open button i clicked then the
COleVariant covTrue((short)TRUE), covFalse((short)FALSE), covOptional((long)DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND, VT_ERROR);
      AfxMessageBox(TEXT("Couldn't start Excel and get Application object."));

here is error occured. any idea?
IT sounds like you need to install the VS10 runtime.
hi, i check the above problem is solved in microsoft office all version is support in window 7. But not working in windows xp. and also i update the service back 3, still that problem arise. if any rules to create a visual c++ project to support multi operating system like windows7,xp,vista,etc....?

solved the problem by changing the solution properties and stafx.h folder
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