Credit card transactions.

I'm interested in how to do credit card transactions, I've been trying to find libraries to help me with this but apparently they either don't exist or I suck at googling, I'm gonna assume it's the latter one.

Could someone point one out for me, I'd prefer if it was open source so I could look at the code and see how they did it but it has to be free. I'd also like a recommendation on a python library which does the same, the ones I've found are either outdated or is in alpha or beta, I'm skeptical about those, I get really cautious when it comes to money.

Thank you.
I don't really understand what you mean. Do you mean, like, how to do the thing at the store where you swipe a credit card and it comes up on the computer?
Sorry, credit card transactions might be wrong, English isn't my first language.

What I meant was, are there any libraries or other resources which I could use to let users buy stuff for real money, an example would be microtransactions I guess.

Edit: I forgot to mention I'm looking through the paypal API, but that would only let paypal users use it?
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