Debug assertion failed

Why do i keep getting that error? Every time I run my program, it runs for a while and then it just crash and display the message Debug assertion failed. Any idea on how can i fix that?

Please I really need to fix my program, Tomorrow's the due date.
See where the program is when it is crashes and inspect the data values with a debugger.
Can you help me? Here's the code :
and it said "Expression: Vector subscript out of range"
Did you try breaking the program at that point to see what line it was on when it crashed?
Your problem is on lines 132 - 134, in this while loop:

 while(randomAnswer.size() < 4)//Then randomly gets 3 other answers from questionList
        	int randomindex = rand() % questionList.size() - 1;
         	if(randomindex != i){

I'm not going to try and understand exactly what is going on, but the problem is that at around the third iteration, randomindex is equal to -1 because of the previous operation, but it's also not equal to i. You then use it as an index for the questionList on the line that follows.
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Thanks guys! I remove the -1 because as said the value of i becomes negative :)
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