Simple way to create and read zip files, platform independet


I am searching for a simple way to zip and unzip files with C++. I did some reasearch with Google, but there are so much options and I don't know wich to choose.

The library has to meet the following requirements:
- compress files from memory to zip. The data is some large string in C++ and should be written to disk into a zip file without creating a text file before. The text-file should be contained into the zip-file.
Something like "CreateZip(String strText, "TextFile.txt", "")"
- the same the other way round: read a large text file directly from the zip into the memory
- platform independet, should work with Windows 7/XP and Linux
- would be nice, if it's a small library and simply to use

I've already tryed Zip Utils, but it only seem's to work with Windows.

Thanks for help.

MiniZip from the zlib-Project did the job.

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