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Hello everyone ! I want some help related to university courses.. Does anyone know what profile/course should i follow at faculty time if i want to study algorithmic programing(very intense..)... i know that computer science implies a very small piece of algorithmics... but i don't want practical materia... no production need... online algorithms.. does anyone know if there is such kind of profile and how is it called.. and if you know any good university which is teaching that that you can recomand.. Thank you in advance!
Any specific kind of algorithms you want to study?

What country?

At the undergraduate level you can specialize in algorithms, but only to some extent, you still need to take all of the other requirements.

You can study just algorithms intensely at the graduate level, but even then you are probably going to be focusing on some certain kinds of algorithms.
I am not quite sure about the nature of the algorithmics i want to study but what you said sounds very interesting .. can you please name the profile?...

the country surely must be in europe.. outside is too far and too expensive for me...

Some people recommended me to go for applied mathematics because they consideredd that this is the kind of algorithmics i am talking about.. but let me hear you opinion please?

Thank you very much again for the information provided....
I was also going to say you should do applied math or at least minor in applied math. I don't know much about Universities in Europe so I can't really help you much.

thank you anyway for the help provided
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