Need help!

I am very new to C++ and I find it very hard to write this program for the first time. I've been watching videos but they are not helping me with this program. If anyone could please help me out with this. Thank you.

Write a C++ program to ask the user to enter a number (e.g. -123.12), and then to spell out that number in the text form.
• Must use array of chars
• Implement and use a function that returns the single digit argument (0-9) in text form (zero-nine)
• Write the program in modular way with functions that handle the tens, hundreds, and thousands
• Support user input in the range: -9,999.99 to 9,999.99. Display a message if the input is noncompliant with this requirement.
What have you written so far?

Also, who gives you this assignment? Use of character arrays is a very advanced topic and should not be taught this early.
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