C++ LaTex binding

Hi everyone,

I am a researcher and I wrote a C++ program to run simulations. My simulations gives results as many large tables (cout in .txt files). I write my research paper in LaTex (more precisely in MikTex with Texmaker as editor) and I have to copy all the tables produced into the editor, then arrange the format to make beautiful tables in PDF files.

Each time when I modify some parameters and re-run the simulations I have to copy all the tables in txt file, which is long and unproductive. I am wondering if anyone knows how to bind these two, so that the data in LaTex are automatically updated when my simulations are done each time, please?

Thanks a lot in advance!

You do know that you can include one LaTeX source in another?

Could you cout data with LaTeX table syntax?

make -- are you familiar with command line (C++) compilation with makefiles?

Got it!
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