How can I do this:

Make a program taking into consideration the following structure:

tituloCancion string
duracionMinutos int
duracionSegundos int

Store the user data will be introduced to N songs with the objective that the
end of entering all the data the program can determine what the song is longer and screen displayed by the title of the song.
This should be handled with an array of structure (one <vector> struct) so that they can be introduced several songs on the same structure. Please note that a song. You can have the same duration in minutes that the difference may be in the duration seconds.

Thank you.
P.D.: My English is not so good.
What have you started with so far? We won't do the assignment for you. Also, asking questions on what specifically you are having troubles with would be helpful too.
I do not know how to get the title of the song with more duration.
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