Debugging in MS Visual Studio

I had created an application that is made up of several projects (9 projects so far) using Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2008. I am familiar with MS visual studio but recently I am facing a new issue while debugging.

Since several months, when I started the coding on this application, the debugger was working properly. Even when I adjust/modify the code while debugging, the debugger compiles the modified code and move to the next statement without the need to STOP debugging, compile and restart it again. The debugger was functioning in this way on all 9 projects.
However, recently, it is not the case any more.

Currently, while debugging, I modify the code and then try to proceed, the debugger issue the below message:
This source file has changed. It no longer matches the version of the file used to build the application being debugged.

After pressing "Ok" on the message, the debugger neglects the changes and it proceeds on the old code.

I am facing this just on 3 specific projects while on the other projects it is still working as usual.
I had checked the properties of those 3 projects, they are just identical to the other projects. Actually I don't have any idea about which project's property must be adjusted to get this working again.

This feature is really needed otherwise whenever the code is changes, I must stop the debugger, compile and then restart again.

Appreciate your help
I've ran into the same problem as you before, and the only way I was able to fix it was to make a new solution and add all of my old headers/cpps to it. I don't know why it fucks it up like it does, but now I just don't type in changes to my code while i'm debugging.
Thanks Pindrought for your update. I want to keep on using "edit and continue" feature.

Any other update on the above?
I have logged this issue since week and no update till now.

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