C Framework recomendations

Hi I'm looking for C (preferably supporting C89/ANSI to some extent) based cross-platform frameworks for device input, common controls, 3D font & scene handling.
I do not want frameworks that rely on each other (e.g. input relying on windows like in win32 - raw input can get round that).

It needs to be LGPL, BSD or some other license that allows the reliant code to be private (one of my projects will be a commercial product if completed).

I'm not in a rush so if you do check back make it on a daily bases at most, weekly at least.
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Check SDL
Thanks but not quite what I meant (though pretty close), I was hoping for frameworks that only cover singular sections, example is ogre (unfortunately it requires C++) where it states on it's about page:
...OGRE is deliberately designed to provide just a world-class graphics solution; for other features like sound, networking, AI, collision, physics etc, you will need to integrate it with other libraries...

Edit: Reason I want separate libraries is that no one framework will provide everything I could possibly desire and as such I would rather program for several dedicated libraries that do their job extremely well then a large framework that just does many jobs well and some additional library that covers what I want (and probably more that is already covered by 1st library) for whichever project I work on, C support is required just to ensure the portability of the source. Where it not for this reason then I would have actually just used SDL from the start.
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