College courses question

I just got done taking CS I and CS II and as of now I have two openings for my Fall schedule and three classes to pick from. I thought maybe someone would have some advice or insight on to which classes I should take. Thanks in advance!

The three options are:

Data Structures- Emphasis is placed on the understanding and manipulation of data structures and the accompanying algorithms that perform the creation and manipulation of these structures. Examples of the use and application of the structures are provided throughout the course, together with guides for the conditions under which one structure or technique should be chosen over another.

Basic Computer Architecture- Fundamentals of computer architecture, registers, addressing techniques, and symbolic languages. Students write and test program in symbolic languages.

Application Development in C++- An advanced study of the C++ programming language. Emphasis is placed on understanding and utilizing C++ programming concepts including: templates, classes, inheritance, vectors, name scope management, and recursion.
data structures is a good class for learning about containers which are used throughout all languages, I'm in it now and it is a real good class albeit not easy. architecture you will learn machine language most likely and all about registers and what not, not a bad class and certainly good information to understand and know but you will likely never code like that in a professional setting. if you are trying to really hone your coding skills in C++ then do data structures and app dev, they will hammer home the language and important information about coding in general, but take note that if you do those both at the same time you will most likely have a very busy semester with a lot of homework, but it'll be rewarding since you'll come out a better programmer.
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