Lets say that I try and make a BASIC game with c++ can someone please explain to me how the hell do I make the animations/graphics for the game (i.e the characters ) Do I need a specific complier/ide (I am using visual studio)

Thankyou in advance for the help and please keep in mind that even though my question probably sounds stupid to some of you experts I am only a biggener.

How I do it is model it in Maya, then use SpriteWorks 2 to export it out into a sprite sheet. For 2D art I use Photoshop, but Gimp and other free packages can be used.

Basically, they can be hand drawn but it takes time and effort. There are sites which offer free sprite sheets ready made for you to play around with such as:

There are many more around on the web

Hope this helps.

Just an extension on my last post, the graphics are assets of your game and it doesn't make any difference what compiler you use - use what your comfortable with.

Personally, I like the SFML library:

Your question isn't stupid. You can use your current IDE and your current compiler (it's called CL by the way) and that link will tell you how to include SFML in you next project. Some advice for your project, don't get hung up on your graphics, its easy to switch out image files later down the line. Focus your attention on the code and the concepts behind it first.
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I agree with @Computergeek01 which is why I suggested the ready made stuff for now, and as he said concentrate on your game code first as graphics can be easily swapped out at a later date.

Thankyou for the info also I have another question about the same topic, I am using visual studio as my compiler so when I write code and run it, it uses the command prompt to execute the code. Now lets say I finish writing this game how will I be able to put it on my website? I know basic html...
Pretty much the same way you would make any other hyperlink, you would use 'href' with "target=_blank". This will download the file into the users temp files directory and they can execute it from there. If you are wondering how you can host your game so that it can be played in a browser then that is a very different story. If that's what you want to do then don't reinvent the wheel trying to do this in C++, HTML 5 should be able to handle most basic games.
Yea I am trying to host the game so it can be played in a browser. So are you saying that I cant write a game in C++ and have it hosted in a browser?
You might be able to, but the work you put in will not be worth the outcome. HTML 5 or Java would be better candidates here.
If you're just making a browser game and nothing big, i'd honestly recommend just downloading and using Macromedia Flash. It's a pretty basic language and flash files (.swf) can be embedded into websites easily.

It really depends on how big the project is though.
Dude, Flash costs money... It's at its peak to be honest and I expect a steady drop in its devs real soon. HTML 5 kind of kicked it right in the subscriptions with its updates.

Flash still has some life left in it, after all Facebook games such as Candy Crush (which is Kings main income worth a shed load) is written in Flash. However, I agree with Computergeek01 and you should avoid that; go down the Java or C++ route (ideally both).

Plus Flash isn't cheap, and paying money for something whose popularity is reducing would be silly.

C++ all the way ! :)
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