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I have an assignment which must be handed over this Friday next week.

I have to make a mini-project consisting of a C++ console program. It's a broad project, so I have the freedom to program anything just by using OOP concepts and linked lists, either simple or multi. I also must implement a console menu which should allow the user to toy with the program. I intend to make it eye-catching. It should make it more interesting. Maybe I should provide many interactive options in the menu.

Nonetheless, could you suggest me some project ideas, because I've been thinking, and I haven't come up with anything by now. It's been 4 days with no idea of what I should program.

By the way, I'm pretty confident in programming, and harsh assignments don't scare me.

Thank you,
A dictionary perhaps ?
A restaurant order and table availability ?

Haven't quite found anything where linked list is the better option.
Perhaps someone else will provide a better idea for you...
Implement a simple calculator that understands that
1 + 2 ^ 3 ^ 4 * 5
1 + ((2 ^ (3 ^ 4)) * 5)
using the shunting yard algorithm. Use two singly linked lists as operator and operand stacks.
I did a mini project where I just had supercar listings. When you pick a manufacturer I had about 5 cars displayed with various information about them from that manufacturer. You could also add a car belonging to that manufacturer or a just a whole new manufacturer. You could also sort the cars by name,price,horsepower etc. I used a vector but a list would work if you made it a template. The point is i used inheritance and polymorphism to get it working.
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I've been talking with my adviser, and he told me that if I'll make such a project, no one will understand it because of it's complexity. Unfortunately, I'm not in a stimulating environment, and nobody wants big projects.

So, after all, I've decided to make a template class which will accept both characters and integers. Basically it'll modulate a vector of integers and chars in a multi linked list.

Do you know what methods should I define for this class? I have some in my mind, but maybe there are more to be defined.

EDIT: Maybe I should provide an abstract base class, and then derive from it a class for integers and another one for characters. By so, I'll remove the need of templates.
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