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Hey guys. I'm new to programming. Very new. I'm self teaching myself with the tutorials here, and another website (along with all the help you guys have on my problems!).

Do you guys have any recommendations of other websites with tutorials and practice problems? I would love to one day program games, but, not a necessity. I just want to get better, and am looking for any sort of advice that I can get.
Welcome to the amazing world of programming! I would point you in the direction of codeacademy.com. It is a hands on way to learn which ever program you want. The only heads up is that if you have some type background knowledge on programming it could be a little boring. Otherwise it would be perfect for what you are looking for.

Have Fun!
There is no right or wrong way to learn C++ programming, but I would suggest getting a book on C++ for beginners, I personally liked Ivor Horton's book "Beginning Visual C++", and you can usually find that pretty cheap on ebay. (you can usually get a used 2010 or newer version for under $15).

I suggest having a solid book for learning the general basics and using tutorials for when you want to do something more specific or if you encounter something interesting that you want to expand upon. I don't have anything against tutorials, but a good intro book will help you build from the very basics all the way up to more abstract ideas.
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Awesome. Definitely going to check out codeacademy. I have also been looking into getting a book, so I will look into Ivor Hortons book. Thanks for the advice guys!
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