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Before I get too far into the code question, is c++ the right avenue to go down as far as creating new user and password for a website, and/or authenticating existing users? The majority of the site was written in HTML5, JS, etc. We wanted to use C++ on the server side to authenticate user/pass and create new users for security purposes. If there is an easier way to do it, please advise. If not, I will continue with a question. The site will be fairly large eventually, maybe a social site of sorts (shoot for the stars, right).
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no, you must use php and mySQL to store username and passwords
or if you are using windows server, you can use
You can certainly use C++ for your server side logic.

However, if you're already confident with JS, you might consider use NodeJS
Thank you both for the replies. Will look in to NodeJS.
And php mySQL as well. Thanks again.
+1 Node.js. It is very easy to start with and you always have the possibility to write addons in C++ for your Node.js application when required.
Is Node.js secure?
I can recommend you to use Express.js which is built using Node.js and is very simple. I'm not very familiar with its security, but you can check this link for more accurate answer:

If the security really matters, you can build an C++ server that receives HTTPS requests. Other approach may use WebSocket. You can build a WebSocket server using C++ and use its own HTTPS channel for security. Your site can easily connect to the server via WebSocket.

But you may know a thing... your implementation of the application will matter more than the language or library you use.
I would assume they keep it up to date.
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