SNMP Library


I need to write SNMP Management Station in C++, which is the best library to use:
or any-other choice

Net-SNMP seems to be the defacto standard, at least in the *nix world.
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thanks for the reply.

But Net-SNMP seems to be agent side, what i'm interested in Management Tool side.

Other party will configure their agent to send alert/traps to our application.
For this 'Management tool' side application, need some C++ library.

ie C++ Library for snmp-trap receiving application.

Well, think i found something in snmp++ library downloaded from

at path/consoleExamples/receive_trap.cpp
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Net-SNMP comes with snmptrapd which handles receiving and decoding of traps. It can then forward the information to another application. This is the only way I hear of people doing this. SNMP is not as simple of a protocol as the name would suggest, I would not recommend rolling your own implementation.
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