A suggestion

Hi guys,

Lets make a team and found project(s). An open source one, contribute in it, and develop it. There are many places that can be a host for that project.
This way we can, make a good app by our efforts, be familiar with each other and have better useful life :-)

The projects should contain simple and hard ones. Simple ones for low level programmers and the harder for others.

This way we can use of efforts of any type of programmer, from novices to professionals.
What do you think? :-)
im fairly new to c++ programming and have been searching for ways to apply what im learning. this sounds awesome and i think it would drastically help me and also prepare me for college and even the real world when it comes to computer science. keep me updated on this idea cause id very much want in.
OK zachme,

I'm glad to hear that. Primarily there are (at least) two ways of doing that work. First is both of us contribute in an existing project on some places like GitHub and so on.
The second is creating one project by ourselves and put it in such websites like I mentioned.

I'm now connecting with someone else also, in another forum and talking about one and maybe there is some project to work and start our way on. I inform you the results as soon as possible, here in this thread.

PS: Any experienced member of this forum: if you can help us start our work in a correct way, it's completely appreciated.

This is the project that I was talking about,https://github.com/xnewix/New-Dawn-/tree/Opengl-Terrain-Engine
you can consider it. It seems to be somehow harder than what I/we was/were looking for. But if possible, please aware me of that and tell me your opinion on that.
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hey for some reason that link wasnt working. im still incredibly new to c++ but im so interested and a quick learner. i really just want to be in an environment where i can learn how to apply the language and have maybe more experienced programmers that i can learn from. maybe this isnt right for me but id love to be a part of it eaither way!
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