use c++ for making a project

hi guys
i dont know how can i use c++ for make some little project ! may i help me about this !
Well, have you done anything with C++ so far that has interested you? Is there anything that you think would be cool to make?
I remember one of my first projects was to make a little Jeoprady game in the console. It was pretty fun!

Maybe throw some ideas out here and we can throw some back. You should definitely do a project that is of interest to you. Nothing kills motivation like doing something you don't like.
i read about C++ long time ago ! i think about 17 ! and then i work in web and java and android .... ! (yeah ! i know so bad this) . and then after 5 years i come back and i wanna work C++ . i must just read again something in c++ for recovery . JayZom i love for first project with c++ work on your game together and make fun game :) . What do you think ?!
Why would Java and Android development be bad? Both of those are very in-demand right now. I actually regret skipping the Java course in college.

Oh, I don't even have the source code anymore. I lost it years ago.

But I'm more than happy to help you with a project. What sorts of things do you want to be able to in C++? As you know, it's a very versatile language, so it can do a lot. What kinds of programs do you want to be able to write?
java and android not bad ! but study all of them in one time bad ! :)

great ! i love to make some chat program in terminal for chat with my friends ! do u think it's good idea for first project ?!
A chat program? Totally do-able, but you will have to implement some networking. Have you done any networking before? Hmm. There are also some APIs you could use to help you. You've done C++ before, so the semantics will probably come back quickly.
Unfortunately i haven't any Experience with networking ! but i think i must read about socket programming ! and import some library to project ! correct !?
Well, don't get too ahead of yourself. Might it be better to re-familiarize yourself with C++ first? The language has changed quite a bit.

What kind of stuff did you do with C++ before you moved to using Java?
right ! i must first re-familiarize with C++ . i study C++ in University . Professors , teach us C . in fact ,They teach us C in C++ !!! i never use OO in C++ and i have no idea about this in C++ .
Jayhawk do you think i must read again at first C++ ?!
Well, they're an extensions of structures in C. You can just learn from the basics and go up from there.

Haha, yes, they kind of did. I actually just have a professor who does only C.

You could start here:

At first, think "Classes are structures but they can also have functions in them." That's probably the easiest way I can think of to describe it. But you can still use C++ without making your own classes. But pretty much everything you use in C++, especially from the standard library, will be using classes. C++ was originally called "C with classes", you know,
ok ! then i start reading from classes .
do you think when i can start a project ?! and which kind of project i must start ?!
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