Looking for 2D game library

I'm looking for a library for a 2D game that has a coordinate system and gravity engine built in, preferably with object, collision, and graphics handling. Anyone know of one?

Edit: Will accept source/header files as well.
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That's for Lua. I'm looking for C++.
10 seconds googling and I found these two:


Also why do you need a 2D game library? Why not link your own external dependencies (OpenGL, SOIL, FMOD, freetype2, etc...). Also Lua is very important for games development, most game developers use Lua for scripting.

Why not use sfml ??
It is not a game library but a graphic library..
Howvere, it is good
(It does not come with gravity built in tho...)
(There are many add on for it...thor is one that is game library add on for sfml)
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For things like gravity, torque, collision, etc... I recommend Box2D.

Why do you think you need C++?
Only language I know ATM
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