Need for projects

Hello everyone,

I have been programming in C++ for over a year now, but now I have no idea what to do. The last project I worked on was a LinkedList class, but now this is done, and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?
Pick a target of interest, that involves something you've never done before from the following fields. Each of them will force you to expand your understanding and knowledge, and to start using 3rd party libraries.

Images: Create an image file that can be opened using a standard image viewer.
Sound: Play a music file.
Drawing to screen: Create a window showing a ball bouncing.
Networking: Get a client and a server program to connect and communicate over a standard network (this can be done on one machine).
UI: With a standard widget toolkit, create a basic widget that copies a file.

That is a great idea! Thanks alot!
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