can't find .h file in dir next to it

Here is the tree left (top) to right (bottom), up and down = ||
"Tutorial" app folders

Shaders----test_fs.glsl, test_vs.glsl
src-------gl_utlis.c, main.c
Debug------nothing yet

Shaders, Utils, src, Debug all on same level

build>#include "main.c-->Utils/gl_utils.h"
..\src\main.c:16:28: fatal error: Utils/gl_utils.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

Why cant my main.c setup find the necessary file (gl_utils.h) right next to it Go up to the source directory then down one from the adjacent.
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Did you try it this way?
#include "../Utils/gl_utils.h"
I did (before your post), but couldn't get it working

Now your suggested fix stops the compiler complaining, include errors gone

now several new errors, but this problem is solved, thx :)
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