Want to learn Everything in c++

hey ? i am new here and i hope this thread wuld be in the right section , the purpose of this thread was umm i know its a dumb question to ask but i really wanted to learn everything in c++ from console input/output to graphics can anyone recommend me books ? or maybe video tutorials would be helpful ? because the book i used was c++ by c++ robert lafore and i must say that it doesn't have all the things i wanted to learn because , yesterday i watching a video of making a keylogger in c++ , and i found some fucntion that i was not familiar with , getmsg(&msg,null,00) -- > this function so i decided to search for it and i found this website , so in short i want to learn about everything what is in c++ is it possible ? what books did you guys read ???
and also i want to go for gamming and database side so help would be appreciated alot thanks
I really want to learn everything in c++

That's ambitious.

Good C++ teaching literature is hard to come by. I have some suspicions about why this is the case, but there are a disturbingly large number of bad resources available, so choose carefully. There is a very limited number of well-regarded introductory texts, the most well-known two of which are

Programming, Principles, and Practice using C++, 2e. by Bjarne Stroustrup; and
C++ Primer, 5e. by Lippman, Lajoie and Moo, which shouldn't be confused with C++ Primer Plus by Prata.


There is a well-known stack exchange post which lists C++ books:
While it isn't definitive (despite the title), presence on that list is a good indicator of quality. I would usually suggest that you avoid books that aren't on that list at least until you're knowledgeable enough to notice obvious errors and bad practice.

Books about more niche topics (graphics programming, e.g.) won't appear on that list, and so you'll have to use some discretion when choosing those. You can find plenty of information about books by doing a forum search.
Thanks for the reply buddy :) and also for the links repect +
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